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Assorted Silicon Tips Pack of 100

Ecigarettes Wholesale UK is the leading provider of vape accessories in the UK. Assor..

Ciggo Pods SOLD OUT

Ciggo Pods

Ecigarettes Wholesale UK is the leading provider of vape accessories in the UK. Coil ..

Resin Drip Tips

Ecigarettes Wholesale UK is the leading provider of vape accessories in the UK. Resin..

Vaportech Kanthal A1 Resistance Wire

Ecigarettes Wholesale UK is the leading provider of vape accessories in the UK. Kanth..

Vaportech Nichrome 80 Wire (30 ft Roll)

Ecigarettes Wholesale UK is the leading provider of vape accessories in the UK. Nichr..


Vapor Tech VTech Coils (5-Pack)

Vtech coils by Vaportech are the replacement coils used with sub ohm devices. There are five differe..

Vaportech Moto Coils by Vapor Tech

Moto Coils for Moto Plus Sub Ohm Starter Kit are now available at E-Cigarettes Wholesale UK. These c..


Vaportech Morpheus Sub Ohm Coil (5-Pack)

The new Morpheus Sub Ohm Coils have arrived and are ready for shipping. The Morpheus Sub Ohm Coils ..

Buy Vaportech Wholesale Vaporizer & E-Cig Products Online in UK

Vaportech is known for the high-quality products that they manufacture. The main reason that they have been amongst design pioneers is so that they can go over to produce the best possible e-liquids and vaping devices so that people can enjoy it and use it as a better and more fruitful option. What the general assumption of the idea of vaping took off was that it is kind of harmful and people are packaging cigarettes differently so that people can continue their addiction. The Vaportech company is amongst those who are leading innovation and creativity and employing ingenuity to enhance the vaping experiences that vapers can enjoy. The sole focus of the company's R&D is to ensure that all the existing issues and problems that are currently part of the vaping community are dealt with. Ecigarettes wholesale UK is a community that offers the vapers a chance to access the best possible vaping experience and ensure that they have access to most beautiful and high-quality products without any difficulty.

Vaportech E-liquid or E Juice

The Vaportech E-liquids are well known for their purity and high-grade Nicotine element. The e-liquids are non-oily and of just the perfect consistency and hence they do not block the coils or leave behind particles once they have been vaped. The e-liquid is prepared with the critical focus on the flavors so that each vaper can get the perfect feel and burst of flavors that they desire without any problems. You can find a vast variety of flavors that range from essential menthol and mint to fruity fun. The Vaportech has also delved into custard, ice-cream and other similar sweet flavors to cater to a vast array of customers. The Vaportech strata is another high-quality e-liquid that is specially formulated for sub-ohm tanks, RDAs and similar kind of devices. These e-liquids contain a high-quality Propylene glycol, which ensures that you will have sweet fun vaping these liquids!

Vaportech Kit

Vaportech Kits have a variety of vaping kits for the vapers. Moto Kit is amongst the most famous kits by Vaportech, and they have gold electrodes that allow efficient conduction and hence better clouds and easeful vaping. They offer little resistance of about 0.2 ohms. The mod contains adjustable airflow that allows perfect adjustment opportunity to the vaper. This helps in moderating the amount of e-liquid that vaper wants to use. The dual airflow allows proper circulation of air which helps in enhancing the flavors and creating the perfect vaping experience. The kit contains low voltage, low battery and misfiring protection. This helps in protecting the mod and improving the life of the device. There is a light indicator that allows the vaper to understand the status of the battery. This prevents overcharging as well as the too low battery which could harm the device!

Vaportech Mods

Vaportech has three different kinds of mods, the battery based mods, mechanical mods and the box mods. All these mods have been designed keeping the factor of conduction in view. It allows a powerful drag that infuses the vaper with perfect flavorful hit and amazing vaping experience. The Hydra mechanical mod a favorite mod for its conductivity, and adjustable features. It has a pin inserted in the mod that allows adjustment, hence you can use a variety of batteries with the mod. Made from high-quality copper, the mod is well known for its efficiency. It contains vent holes that allow proper ventilation and prevents the device from heating up. The firing switch is also a protective feature as it does not fire up the mod immediately on pressing, and thus the device can be easily placed in pockets or purses. Other famous copper base mechanical mods are Sleepy Hollow, The Titan and Delta X7.

The Kratos Box Mod is well known for its high tech features. It contains protection for overcharging and overheating. This allows the device to function correctly without a loss of energy or voltage due to inefficient design. The box mod may be sleek looking and small to carry, but it is one of the most potent box mods that exist in the market. Looking at its high tech features and fantastic quality design the box mod is set to rule. The flavorful experience and the thick, dense cloud production allows the perfect vaping experience that every vaper dreams of.

Vaportech Tank

There is a huge of Vaportech tanks that are available for the vapers to choose from. They have RBAs, RDAs and sub tanks. These tanks have been designed with the perfect vaping technology in mind. These tanks are prepared to endure high temperatures and their different filling and drip tip features allow for leak-free e-liquid filling that enables the vapers to enjoy without fretting about leaking episodes. The rebuildable coil deck system will allow the vaper to select the coil of his own choice and vape.

Vaportech Coils

The Vaportech coils are available in single and dual forms. These coils have been designed keeping efficiency in mind and hence help in enhancing the flavors. These coils are low resistance and therefore the moderate the efficient use of batteries and e-liquids and enhance the vaping experience of each. The coils have been designed in such a way that allows proper disassembling and cleaning of the coils.

Vaportech Charger

The Vaportech chargers are prepared in such a way that they offer variable wattage and voltage according to the device. These chargers are efficient and allow you to connect different pins through USB cable to charge a device of your choice.

Vaportech Battery

The Vaportech batteries are designed for varying devices and mods. They offer perfect amperage and have the protection that prevents any harm or possible leakage. To make sure that you have right batteries for your device you need to make sure that you have read the specifications keenly. This will allow you to enjoy a convenient vaping experience.