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Eleaf iStick Power 2 Mod SOLD OUT

Eleaf iStick Power 2 Mod

The Eleaf iStick Power is back and its better than ever. How do you improve the winning formula th..

Aspire Zelos X Mod

Introducing the Aspire Zelos X mod - an 18650 powered 80w output device finished with 2a USB type C ..

Geek Vape Aegis Legend 2 L200 Mod SOLD OUT

Geek Vape Aegis Legend 2 L200 Mod

 Geekvape L200 Mod combines all of the characteristics required for battery mod - attributed ..

Geekvape Aegis Legend 200W TC Box Mod SOLD OUT

Geekvape Aegis Legend 200W TC Box Mod

Ecigarettes Wholesale UK has been the leading company in producing the wholesale mods in the UK..

Juul 2 Replacement Pods SOLD OUT

Juul 2 Replacement Pods

Ecigarettes Wholesale UK has been the leading company in producing the wholesale mods in the UK..

Wholesale E-cig and Vape mods from UK No. 1 Supplier

Being one of the top rated and renowned vape mod distributor, E-cigarettes Wholesale provides some of high-quality branded vape mods. It gives you the chance to purchase all the vaping necessities from its online shop. E-cigarettes Wholesale provides different kinds of vape mods which are available for different users. You can find cheap mods UK in bulk on Wholesale E-cig and vape mods easily.

Looking at the complexities and different types of vape mods, we provide a number of branded vape mods and e-cigarettes which are perfect for both the new users and the advanced ones. You can get almost every kind of vaping necessity according to your requirement, under one domain.

Brands we are offering

E-cigarettes Wholesale provides a variety of branded vaping necessities, which you might probably need. Being one of the UK’s biggest e-cigarettes and vape mods online portal, E-cigarettes Wholesale offers a number of brands of vaping necessities which you will probably need. From disposable e-cigarettes to a distinctive variety of vaping devices, E-cigarettes Wholesale offers it all. The different brands offered by the online domain are Aspire, CigGo, IJOY, Innokin, Pioneer4You, Praxis Vapors and Sigelei. Apart from this, there are other top-rated vaping devices of different brands like Smoant, Smoktech, Snowwolf, Tesla and Voopoo also available. All of this can be bought from one single UK portal easily. E-cigarettes Wholesale have managed to provide the top-notch vaping devices to fulfill your requirements to the fullest and making buying e-cigarettes and vaping devices easier.

Features of Vaping Mods

When you vape, you need to look for the best branded vaping devices. But finding the ones which are actually really good is really hard. With all the distinctive brands crafting new vaping devices every now and then, it is really hard to actually figure out which one of them is better than the other. Here are a few features which you need to look out for, when purchasing a vaping device.

  • Vaping device with more power range is better than most of the vaping devices in the market. In comparison to the e-cigarettes and vape pens, vape mods are better.

  • Vape mods have a potent battery which makes it better than the former or old e-cigarettes and vape pens.

  • Other than this there are temperature control, variable voltage and wattage controls in them too, this makes them more easier and convenient to use.

  • Vape mods also have a button on the external casing which initiates a direct connection with the e-liquid and coil.

  • The vape mods consist of a battery which when turned on allows the coil head to produce heat which heats the e-liquid which in result produces vapors.

Types of Mods in UK:

Ever since the vaping devices have been introduced the trend of vaping has increased to a really great extent. Vaping mod, the customized and portable vaping devices, are easily available and will drive the other kinds of vaping pens and cigarettes to extinction. There are several different kinds of vaping mods currently available in UK, which are a lot easier to use. Some of its kinds include.

Regulated Mods:

A regulated vape mod consists of a microchip which is mainly responsible for the proper functioning of the device. Moreover, the regulated vaping mods also consist of a LED screen. The microchip fitted in the vape mod mainly powers up the device. It regulates the temperatures in various degrees, supplies power of different voltages and wattages so that you can have an inimitable vaping experience. A regulated vape mod is a perfect choice for a beginner (amateur) as well as for the advance users. A regulated vape mod is not only safe to use, but is also available in several different styles and designs which gives an extraordinary vaping experience.

Unregulated Mods:

Unlike the regulated mods, the unregulated mods doesn’t have the machinery which regulates temperatures, voltages and wattages according to the user’s demand. Other than this the unregulated mods also lack the microchips which means unregulated mods cannot be heated as per your demand (like the regulated ones). Other than this unregulated mods are not powered by themselves too. Furthermore, unregulated mods consist of a single button, by pressing that button one can use the vaping mod. It has a single battery which you need to charge in order to use properly. The unregulated mods are best suitable for advanced users, as the amateurs are new to this and do not get the consistency as their demand which ultimately affects their vaping journey.

Box mods:

Box mods provide the most impeccable vaping experience for both the beginners as well as the advanced users. The box mods can consist of complete vaping essentials along with the microchip which regulates the voltage, temperature and the wattage. Apart from this, it also has an interchangeable battery which can be replaced as per the user’s demand. It is perfectly suitable for the advanced users but can be a little complicated for the beginners as the machinery installed in the device may be hard to operate. You can find cheap box mods in UK by just a click now. These are also available as box mods starter kit in UK at reasonable prices.

Pen mods:

E-cigarettes became really popular in the past few years which is why new advanced forms of such devices began to develop. There are mainly two types of vaping mods namely; intermediate pen mods and e-go pen mods. The difference between both of them is that of the tank size and the batteries. E-go pens are generally better than the intermediate pen mods. They are durable, high-quality and basic. The only reason why they are cheaper is mainly because they have less battery life. Other than this, every single thing in the vape pen is simply flawless. On the other hand, are the intermediate pen mods which are comparatively better and consistent in vapor production. They are equipped with stronger and powerful batteries which is why they last for a long duration of time. Pen mods are considered to be healthier, convenient and a best alternative.

Digital mods:

Digital mods are the advanced forms of the vaping devices which are best for both the beginners and advanced users. The digital mod not only consists of a microchip which regulates temperature, voltage and wattage but also has a screen which shows the exact number of puffs you have taken. Digital mods are the most advanced forms of vaping mods which are perfect for almost everyone, as they are easier and convenient to use.

E-cigarettes and electronic cigarettes mod distributor

Ever since the development of vaping devices, it has become really easy to get a vaping experience. With all the latest technologies installed in these vaping devices, it has become really easier and convenient to use. The vaping gadgets provide the ultimate experience. They have a microchip and batteries installed in them which provides sufficient power, voltage, wattage and temperatures for vaping.

Wholesale E-cigarettes and vape mods from UK provides the best branded vaping devices of all kinds. It is assured that the quality of the products provided by the suppliers is exceptional. Moreover, getting you vaping devices from the UK’s biggest vaping devices supplier is really easy. So, whenever you are looking for the mod kits in UK, this is the place you need to be on.