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Ultimate E-Liquid Sidekicks – Cosmic Girl 100ml Shortfill

Tropical mango and juicy guava with pineapple that is chilled to perfection.⠀..

Ultimate E-Liquid Sidekicks – Flips Over 100ml Shortfill

Refreshing orange & delicious blackcurrant mixed together. A combination you can’t resist...

Ultimate E-Liquid Sidekicks – Jack Wong 100ml Shortfill

Juicy peaches and fresh apples combined to make a juice that is pure perfection. we’re not wong...

Ultimate E-Liquid Sidekicks – Storm Rush 100ml Shortfill

Raspberry, mixed berries and pear drops with a cool hit that will make you rush for more. ⠀ ..

Ultimate E-Liquid Sidekicks – Tazz-King Cold 100ml Shortfill

The unforgettable chilled blue slushie that will make you feel like royalty. ..

Ultimate Bar 10mg / 20mg Disposable Pod Kit by Ultimate Puff

Ultimate Bar is now available at Ecigarettes Wholesale UK. The Ultimate Bar features 2ml o..

Ultimate E-liquid Cider – Apple Blackcurrant 100ml Shortfill SOLD OUT

Ultimate E-liquid Cider – Apple Blackcurrant 100ml Shortfill

A match made in heaven, what could be better with the crisp bite of apple cider? A dash of swee..

Ultimate E-liquid Cider – Autumn Apple 100ml Shortfill

A match made in heaven, what could be better with the crisp bite of apple cider? A dash of swee..

Ultimate E-liquid Cider – Dark Fruit 100ml Shortfill

Come to the dark cider… A perfectly balanced mix of dark berries infuses this strong summer favourit..

Ultimate E-liquid Cider – Fruity Pear 100ml Shortfill SOLD OUT

Ultimate E-liquid Cider – Fruity Pear 100ml Shortfill

Something a little different, a fruity perry. A perfect pear that pops and sparkles...

Ultimate E-liquid Cider – Passionfruit 100ml Shortfill SOLD OUT

Ultimate E-liquid Cider – Passionfruit 100ml Shortfill

Passionate about good flavour? So are we, try our passionfruit and crisp apple cider mix for yoursel..

Ultimate E-liquid Cider – Strawberry Lime 100ml Shortfill

Sweet strawberry, zesty lime with a fresh apple bite, we recommend mixing this with sunshine an..

Ultimate E-liquid Heroes – Atomic Blonde 100ml Shortfill

Atomic Lemons, crushed digestive biscuit with a creamy finish, a superb lemon blondie mix...

Ultimate E-liquid Heroes – Captain Cosmic 100ml Shortfill

Tropical mangos, Sweet guava and punchy pineapple, combined to make a truly cosmic all day vape...

Ultimate E-liquid Heroes – Mecha Man 100ml Shortfill

Tart and zingy cranberries, juicy mangos and zesty orange smashed together by the muscles of Mecha M..

Ultimate E-liquid Heroes – Mystic Sorceress 100ml Shortfill

A magical mix of strawberries and cream. The perfect sweet, fruity and creamy mix created by magic!..

Ultimate E-liquid Heroes – Night Howler 100ml Shortfill

The darkest grapes and juicy red watermelon crushed to make the perfect e-liquid that will make you ..

Ultimate E-liquid Heroes – Storm Surge 100ml Shortfill

Pungent ripe raspberries with the perfect helping of pear and mixed berries, a pure surge of heroism..

Ultimate E-Liquid Ice Lolly - Blackcurrant 100ml Shortfill

Our strong blackcurrant ice lolly is sweet, succulent & an easy all day vape. If you love fruity..

Ultimate E-Liquid Ice Lolly - Bubble Grape 100ml Shortfill

Do you love grape? Bubblegum? Why not try our bubble grape ice lolly! Candylicious ice lolly goodnes..

Ultimate E-Liquid Ice Lolly - Strawberry Kiwi 100ml Shortfill

Our perfect combo of sweet strawberry & juicy kiwi is definitely one to add to your favourites. ..

Ultimate E-Liquid Ice Lolly - Strawberry Split 100ml Shortfill

Another classic ice lolly that will blow you away with it’s superb strawberry flavour. It’s creamy, ..

Ultimate E-Liquid Ice Lolly - Twist It 100ml Shortfill

A classic ice lolly flavour, delicious strawberry, zesty lime & the smooth taste of tropical pin..

Ultimate E-Liquid Ice Lolly - Watermelon Lime 100ml Shortfill

Fresh frozen watermelon combined with zingy lime. Perfect for those hot summer days when you’re in n..

Ultimate E-Liquid Slushy - Blue 100ml Shortfill

Our classic slushy flavour of blue raspberry, perfectly sweet with a cool after-taste. Truly delicio..

Ultimate E-Liquid Slushy - Green 100ml Shortfill

Our super fresh apple & mango fusion slushy, with refreshing cool flavour tones. If you’re a suc..

Ultimate E-Liquid Slushy - Pink 100ml Shortfill

Pink lemonade is a perfect flavour for slushy. It’s super addictive & never stops giving you a s..

Ultimate E-Liquid Slushy - Purple 100ml Shortfill

Frozen grapes with a touch of strawberry is something to behold. Strong in taste but an easy all day..

Ultimate E-Liquid Slushy - Red 100ml Shortfill

A simple but refreshing taste of strawberry is sometimes all you need. Try out our sweet strawberry ..

Ultimate E-Liquid Slushy - Yellow 100ml Shortfill SOLD OUT

Ultimate E-Liquid Slushy - Yellow 100ml Shortfill

Luscious lemon & lime fused with pineapple to create a sublime slushy experience. You won’t want..

Ultimate E-liquid Villains – Death Wish 100ml Shortfill

Our classic sugary shortbread flavour is enough to tempt even the biggest villain. Try it now! Or do..

Ultimate E-liquid Villains – Doctor Dread 100ml Shortfill

Fresh blackcurrants with a blast of ice and a devilish helping of deep red cherries that will tempt ..

Ultimate E-liquid Villains – Evil Queen 100ml Shortfill

At The Evil Queen’s request this concoction was created. Juicy mixed raspberries, huckleberries an..

Ultimate E-liquid Villains – Madame Chaos 100ml Shortfill

Fresh lemonade, ripe raspberries, a hint of anise and the tears of the innocent twisted together to ..

Ultimate E-liquid Villains – The Big Bossman 100ml Shortfill

Freshly roasted nuts, creamy banana milk and sweet honey mixed for the Big Bossmans secret stash...

Ultimate E-liquid Villains – Toxic Mask 100ml Shortfill

Sweet apple and juicy mango with anise kick in the teeth, dealt by the toxic mask and his minions ..