Nasty Shisha

Nasty Shisha
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Nasty Shisha Double Apple 50ml Short Fill SOLD OUT

Nasty Shisha Double Apple 50ml Short Fill

Imagine biting a flavourful red apple. Double the bite with a hint of sour, but with a beautifully j..

Nasty Shisha Grape Raspberry 50ml Short Fill

Ripe grapes were chosen to get the fruity and earth taste, mixed with fresh sweet raspberry. Togethe..

Nasty Shisha Green Grape 50ml Short Fill

Crisp and sweet flavour. The combination of crisp texture with a pop of sweetness has made this a ta..

Nasty Shisha Lemon Mint 50ml Short Fill

Juicy citrusy lemon feels, the classic sour lemonade combined with a bit of sweet minty cold sensati..