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Jammin E-Liquids
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Jammin Blueberry Jam 50ml Short Fill E-Liquid

To cram this jam so full of succulent, rich, heavenly blueberry was a work of sheer alchemy.This..

Jammin Strawberry Jam 50ml Short Fill E-Liquid

A timeless classic. Childhood memories come flooding back as you taste the delicious sweetness of ..

Jammin Strawberry Jam Sorbet 50ml Short Fill E-Liquid

Discover the delicate sweetness of this refreshingly light strawberry sorbet e-liquid. The cooling..

Jammin Raspberry Clotted Cream Scone 50ml Short Fill E-Liquid

Tantalise your summer senses with this quintessentially English dessert. Freshly picked raspberrie..

Jammin Victoria Sponge 50ml Short Fill E-Liquid

This classic cake, named after Queen Victoria, is a wonderfully English invention. A typical tea-t..

Jammin Blueberry Jam Tart 50ml Short Fill E-Liquid

The intense blueberry flavours of this e-liquid will indulge your senses. This blueberry jam tart ..