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I VG Chew Gum - Cinnamon Blaze 50ml Short Fill E-Liquid Expiry 04.22

A combination of sweet and spicy cinnamon blended to perfection. This treat will have your taste bud..

I VG Chew Gum - Peppermint Breeze 50ml Short Fill E-Liquid

Balanced to a chew! The combination of the finest mints infused into bubblegum brilliance! This incr..

I VG Chew Gum - Strawberry Watermelon 50ml Short Fill E-Liquid

Nothing beats the mouthwatering taste of strawberries and watermelons, leaving you with the perfect ..

I VG Chew Gum - Tropical Berry 50ml Short Fill E-Liquid

This flavour brings together tropical fruits and berries with the perfect amounts of gum, bringing y..