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Ultimate Juice Nicotine Shot 1X10ML

TPD compliant Max VG Unflavoured Nicotine Shot at 18mg and 15mg..The e-liquid bottle conveniently ha..

Ultimate Juice Apple 50ml E-Liquid SOLD OUT

Ultimate Juice Apple 50ml E-Liquid

Ecigarettes Wholesale UK has been the leading company in providing the wholesale e-liquids in the UK..

Ultimate Juice Apple Pie 50ml E-Liquid

Ecigarettes Wholesale UK has been the leading company in providing the wholesale e-liquids..

Ultimate Juice Black Lemonade 50ml E-Liquid

Ecigarettes Wholesale UK has been the leading company in providing the wholesale e-liquids..

Ultimate Juice Blackcurrant 50ml E-Liquid SOLD OUT

Ultimate Juice Blackcurrant 50ml E-Liquid

Ecigarettes Wholesale UK has been the leading company in providing the wholesale e-liquids..

Salt E-Liquids

Ultimate Bar Salts Blue Monster

We tried our best to tame it, but this flavour was too much of a wildcard even for us. Blue Monster ..

Ultimate Bar Salts Blue Slush Ice

One of Vaping’s staple flavours, Blue Slushy has made its way into our disposable vaping arsenal. Th..

Ultimate Bar Salts Cherry Chill

Cherries that feel as if they came straight from the north pole itself. This cherry flavour will giv..

Ultimate Bar Salts Cherry Cola Chill

Cherries, Cola and everything nice. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect disposab..

Ultimate Bar Salts Chilled Grape

Chilled Grape combines the succulent flavour of Grapes with a cold chill to give you a fruitful vapi..

Why Ultimate Juice Short Fill Vape E Liquid is Famous in UK?

Vaping has been growing quite rapidly for the last two years or so, and the practice is subject to a high level of appreciation as it is helping people quit their tobacco habits. Vaping can be done with or without nicotine and it totally depends upon the user. Some vaping juices come with added nicotine or varying amounts and you can choose which one you want to buy. Other juices come without nicotine and you have an option to add nicotine to them upon your liking. Short fill vape E-Liquids come in 50ml bottles and are filled to about 80%. The empty 20% space can be used to add nicotine to them. This is as per the TPD requirements too that you cannot add more than 20% nicotine to the E-Liquids.

Ultimate Juices LTD has been operating in the vape market since 2016 producing High-Quality vaping equipment along with vape juices including the short fill vape E-Liquids. Ultimate Juice Short Fill Vape E Liquid is very famous in UK mainly due to its high quality. The firm has been manufacturing its vaping equipment at a dedicated facility in Coventry and uses ingredients such as Nicotine, PG, VG and so on of highest quality and of pharmaceutical grade. So, the firm minimizes health hazards for its users by using high-quality ingredients.

Why Should You Buy Ultimate Juice Short Fill Vape E Juice in UK?

Short fill vape E Juice is extremely beneficial and convenient for users as the level of nicotine in short fill Juices can be varied as per the preference of the users. The 20% empty space in the bottle allows you to add nicotine substance of varying amounts as per your liking and the ability to sustain. Adding to this, people who are addicted to Tobacco can make a very efficient use of short fill juices by gradually decreasing the amount of nicotine consumed by them. They can start off, let’s say, with 20% nicotine then come down to 15% then to 10% and so on until they can survive easily on 0% nicotine. Adding to this, the customers can get a huge variety of flavors at Ultimate Juices to choose from. This variety allows customers to experience a new exciting flavor each day. Furthermore, another reason to choose Ultimate Juices over others is their quality which is extremely better than the other E Liquid manufacturers around UK.

Choose the Unique Flavors of Ultimate Juice Short Fill in UK

Ultimate Juice offers several short fill vape flavors to choose from and each flavor is better than the other in some way or the other, so it will get super difficult for you to choose from the flavors offered by Ultimate Juice because of their huge variety and the great unique taste of each flavor. First, IVG sweets orange millions short fill is a very famous flavor amongst vapers due to its sweet and tangy orange taste underlying the citrus paired with candy taste at the exhale to give your smoke a refreshing scent. Adding to this, Five-O Raspberry swiss roll short fill is another very famous and unique flavor available at Ultimate Juices. The flavor has a taste of soft sponge cake roll and whipped cream with a raspberry jam. Another unique short fill flavor is the IVG Menthol Rainbow blast from the IVG Menthol series. The flavor has a refreshing menthol taste followed by a combination of mixed Fruit Candy. Five-O Boston Cream Donut is a flavor for donut lovers out there. The flavor has a creamy and a chocolaty taste which can prevent your waistline from growing by restricting you to the taste of donuts without actually consuming donuts. Other unique short fill flavors offered by Ultimate Juice are IVG desserts choco haze, IVG sweet Bubblegum millions, Five-O strawberry swiss roll and Five-O cherry and custard pie.