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Buy Twelve Monkeys Vapor Co E Liquid and E Juice Flavors Online in UK

You do not often find great e liquid profiles by great manufacturers with a diverse range of flavors. If you do want all that in a line of e liquids, you should look in the Twelve Monkeys Vapor Co series of e liquids and you will not be disappointed.

The Twelve Monkeys Vapor Co, brings a rather unconventional, but interesting line of e liquids to the market. The e liquids have been a source of great revenue for E-Cigarettes Wholesale UK for some time now. The e liquids are available in 60ml bottles of e liquid. But the 60ml bottles contain only 50ml of e liquid which does not contain any nicotine. However, you do not have to worry about your nicotine fix. You can always use the 10ml of extra space in the bottles and add nicotine shots to the liquid to give it a nicotine strength of 3mg. The e liquids in the series are Bonogurt, Congo Cream, Hakuna, Harambae, Kanzi, MacaRaz, Mangabeys, Matata, O-Rangz and Tropika. When you buy an e liquid, however, there is more than just names of e liquids and bottle sizes that help you. The PG to VG ratio is an important specification that will help you understand the kind of vapor production that the e liquid supports. The PG to VG ratio on this e liquid series is 30/70. For consumers in UK, the e liquids are available at E-Cigarettes Wholesale UK.

Why Twelve Monkeys Vapor Co E Liquid is Most Recommended in UK?

The great price offered by E-Cigarettes Wholesale UK is one of the many reasons that the e liquid is recommended in UK. Moreover, the thoughtfulness behind the e liquids and their extremely expressive packaging reveal a lot about the manufacturers. It reveals the fact that these manufacturers are willing to work on their e liquids from A to Z. When a manufacturer guarantees such a promise, then their product is automatically recommended from everywhere with the great reviews rushing in.

Why do People Like to Buy Twelve Monkeys Vapor Co E Juice in UK?

With the great reviews and great packaging of the e liquid, there is already reason enough for people to buy these e liquids. But, if you dig a little deeper, you will realize that the flavor profiles that these manufacturers offer are amazing. This attracts the consumers more than anything else. Moreover, when this comes from a credible and established manufacturer, why would people not want to buy the e liquid series.

Different Flavors of Twelve Monkeys Vapor Co in UK

Since you already know that the Twelve Monkeys have been in business for some time now, it is apparent that they have many flavors available in the market. But, you just cannot buy a flavor without knowing the flavor of that e liquid. So, here is a list that provides a comprehensive insight into all the e liquids of the Twelve Monkeys Vapor Co series:

  • Bonogurt: One of the rare flavors in the e liquid industry is the yogurt flavor. The Bonogurt fills that void with a blueberry yogurt flavored e liquid.

  • Congo Cream: This e liquid has a flavor profile of strawberry, custard and vanilla, which is, again, an unconventional flavor profile.

  • Hakuna: The Hakuna consists of Apples and Cranberry.

  • Harambae: The flavor profile of the Harambae e liquid is made up of a lot fruits which include, grapefruit, lime, blood orange and lemon.

  • Kanzi: Kanzi, among all the other e liquids, is a candy based e liquid. The candy texture is made up of strawberries, watermelon and kiwi.

  • MacaRaz: French Macaron, almonds and Raspberry are the flavors that make up this e liquid of pastry texture.

  • Mangabeys: Pineapple, Guava and Mangoes are the flavors present in this e liquid.

  • Matata: The Matat is made up of apple and grape flavors.

  • O-Rangz: The O-Rangz e liquid consists of cereal and milk with lemons.

  • Tropika.