Salt E-Liquids

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Pukka Juice Nic Salt - Lime Lemonade

Lime Lemonade eliquid by Pukka Juice is a citrus blend with an icy kick on exhale, playing between..

Pukka Juice Nic Salt - Rainbow Blaze

Rainbow Blaze by Pukka Juice is a candy blend featuring a combination of contrasting flavours, per..

Pukka Juice Nic Salt - Summer Fruits

Pukka Juice Summer Fruits is a combo of berries and a hint of lime! Salt based nicotine capture..

Pukka Juice Nic Salt - Tropical

Tropical eliquid by Pukka Juice is an exotic fruit medley of contrasting flavours, featuring a coo..

SALT Berry Bomb E-Liquid (EXPIRY 08/20)

Red berries with mellow aniseed and a slight menthol hit.50VG/50PG..

SALT Blue Raspberry E-Liquid (EXPIRY 08/20)

Blue raspberry has a ripe, fruity flavour with a slight tang to get your taste buds tingling. Your n..

SALT Dragons Dream E-Liquid (EXPIRY 08/20)

Dragons Dream eliquid from SALT delivers an exotic flavour with its combination of dragonfruit and b..

SALT Fudge E-Liquid (EXPIRY 08/20)

Everyone's favourite candy! Delectable fudge with a rich, deep flavour!50VG/50PG..

SALT Glacier E-Liquid (EXPIRY 08/20) SOLD OUT

SALT Glacier E-Liquid (EXPIRY 08/20)

The SALT Glacier e-liquid delivers a perfect blend of nic salt and minty arctic flavouring for a ref..

SALT Gold Rush E-Liquid (EXPIRY 08/20)

Dark rolling tobacco, followed by undertones of nuts and spices. 50VG/50PG..

SALT Key Lime Cookie E-Liquid (EXPIRY 08/20)

A light, crisp cookie topped with a sharp key lime curd that just melts in your mouth!Available in 1..

SALT Mango Passion E-Liquid (EXPIRY 08/20)

Mango Passion eliquid from SALT delivers a smooth blend of delicious sweet mango and passionfruit wi..

SALT Orange Juice E-Liquid (EXPIRY 08/20)

SALT’s Orange Juice eliquid takes its flavour profile from sun ripened oranges, freshly squeezed &am..

SALT Peachy E-Liquid (EXPIRY 08/20)

Fresh peaches & apricots, with a dash of cream.50VG/50PG..

SALT Pineapple Breeze E-Liquid (EXPIRY 08/20)

SALT bring their famous 50PG/50VG formula to their Pineapple Breeze e-liquid to deliver a smooth, in..

SALT Rainbow Blast E-Liquid (EXPIRY 08/20)

Get ready for a flavour overload with a blast of rainbow sherbet candies! Fizzy and sweet, this is a..

SALT Vanilla Lemonade E-Liquid (EXPIRY 08/20)

Creamy vanilla, paired with freshly squeezed lemonade. Great for all-year-round!50VG/50PG..

Seriously Salty Arctic Berries 10ml

A Tasty mix of Succulent Blue and Red Berries perfectly combined making this a Berry Nice Flavour w..

Seriously Salty Berry Watermelon 10ml

A Juicy Mix of Ripe Strawberries and Slices of Red Watermelon make this stunning Cool Combination, i..

Seriously Salty Blackcurrant Lemonade 10ml

A Refreshingly Juicy mix of Blackcurrants and a Citrus wave of Zesty Lemon with a Nice Cool Kick of ..

Seriously Salty Blue Razz Ice 10ml

An Amazing concoction of Blue Raspberries wrapped in a Nice Sweet Candy with an icy twist…insanely d..

Seriously Salty Frozen Apple Berry 10ml

A Luscious combination of Red Raspberries and Crispy Green Apples Frozen together to form a Nice a..

Seriously Salty Ice N Berg 10ml

A Tantalising mix of Wild Berries wrapped in a Cool Icy breeze with a hint of Aniseed making this Se..

Seriously Salty Soda Ayn Tru 10ml

The Unmistakable Taste of the Orange coloured Beverage we all know and love…Barr none! Experience th..

Seriously Salty Soda Blue Razz Lemonade 10ml

Our Famous Blue Razz Berry now with a Twist of Lemonade. The insanely tasty Blue Raspberries now wit..

Seriously Salty Soda Blue Wing 10ml

Everyone’s Favourite Energy Drink, if you love the beverage you’ll definitely enjoy the taste of thi..

Seriously Salty Soda Fruity Fusion 10ml

A Juicy Medley of Mandarin and Passionfruit. With a hint of Lychee Apple. Based on the Popular Red F..

Seriously Salty Soda Guava Passion 10ml

A Mouth Watering Combination of Crisp Juicy Guava complimented by the Exotic taste of Sweet Tangy Pa..

Seriously Salty Soda Tropical Twist 10ml

Succulent Pineapple Chunks Drenched in Grapefruit Juice with a Splash of Pomelo. Inspired by the Fla..

Strawberry Lime Nic Salt by Frukt Cyder - 10ml

One of the greatest all-time fruit cider flavours, Strawberry & Lime is sweet, refreshing vape b..

Strawberry Raspberry Nic Salt by SQZD - 10ml

Everybody’s favourite berries combine to create the ultimate fruity vape. The sweet strawberry inh..

Strawberry Raspberry ON ICE Nic Salt by SQZD - 10ml

Everybody’s favourite berries combine to create the ultimate fruity vape. The sweet strawberry inhal..

Sweet Tooth Salts - Apple Bubblegum

This sparkling and refreshing apple bubblegum flavour will truly being your senses to life while th..

Sweet Tooth Salts - Happy Blue Razz

Bursting with fruity flavour that will delight your taste buds and satisfy any sweet tooth, The Blu..

Sweet Tooth Salts - Happy Cherry

Let this bold and bright cherry flavour take over your senses without being overpowering or overly ..

The Custard Company Salt - Blueberry Custard 10ml

This Nic Salt is packed full of flavour and is perfect for anyone looking for that sweet Blueberry a..

The Custard Company Salt - Raspberry Custard 10ml

Calling all Custard lovers! Imagine a big bowl of our famous creamy Custard topped with an overflowi..

The Custard Company Salt - Strawberry Custard 10ml

Our Strawberry Custard Nic Salt is the juice all avid dessert vapers truly crave! A deep, rich, crea..

The Custard Company Salt - Vanilla Custard 10ml

The creamy Vanilla Custard you know and love, now as a Nic Salt!A smooth velvety rich Custard with a..

Tropical Punch Nic Salt by SQZD - 10ml

Forget all your troubles and let SQZD Tropical Punch bring the taste of paradise to your taste bud..

Tropical Punch ON ICE Nic Salt by SQZD - 10ml

Forget all your troubles and let Tropical Punch bring the taste of paradise to your taste buds! A fu..

Ultimate Bar Salts Blue Monster

We tried our best to tame it, but this flavour was too much of a wildcard even for us. Blue Monster ..

Ultimate Bar Salts Blue Slush Ice

One of Vaping’s staple flavours, Blue Slushy has made its way into our disposable vaping arsenal. Th..

Ultimate Bar Salts Cherry Chill

Cherries that feel as if they came straight from the north pole itself. This cherry flavour will giv..

Ultimate Bar Salts Cherry Cola Chill

Cherries, Cola and everything nice. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect disposab..

Ultimate Bar Salts Chilled Grape

Chilled Grape combines the succulent flavour of Grapes with a cold chill to give you a fruitful vapi..

Ultimate Bar Salts Dr Blue

A fine selection of blueberries, blackberries and raspberries all blended perfectly for th..

Ultimate Bar Salts Fresh Mango

Mango has never tasted better. With this Ultimate Bar we’ve taken the Best Mango’s the world has to ..

Ultimate Bar Salts Menthol Breeze

A Soothing Mint Breeze, Gentle on your taste buds, yet strong enough to leave you feeling relieved a..

Ultimate Bar Salts Pink Lemonade

When life gives us lemons, we make Pink Lemonade. This flavour takes gorgeous raspberries and blends..

Ultimate Bar Salts Strawberry Chill

Debatably the greatest fruit of them all. Our Strawberry chill flavour is sweet like a strawberry an..

Ultimate Bar Salts The Monster

Need your energy boost for the day? Our Monster flavour reminds you of your favourite energy drinks ..

Ultimate Bar Salts Watermelon Chill

Our Watermelon Chill is a sweet fruity flavour that takes its namesake from the water packed juicy f..

Ultimate Juice Salts 10ml – Blue Slushie

Ultimate Juice Salts Blue Slushie. This mouth-watering blue raspberry slushie flavour is the perfect..

Ultimate Juice Salts 10ml – Deep Purple

Ultimate Juice Salts Deep Purple. An intense blackcurrant flavour with a well balanced menthol twist..

Ultimate Juice Salts 10ml – Dragons Blood

Ultimate Juice Salts Dragons Blood. You’ll breath fire with this fruity vape of mixed summer berries..

Ultimate Juice Salts 10ml – H-Berg

Ultimate Juice Salts H-Berg. This beautifully fruity and cool crystal menthol is 100% pure. we’re no..

Ultimate Juice Salts 10ml – Old Virginia

Ultimate Juice Salts Old Virginia. A smooth, yet well balanced take on the classic Old Virginia toba..

Ultimate Juice Salts 10ml – RY6

Ultimate Juice Salts RY6. This delicate, complex and well balanced blend of tobacco with hints of Va..

Ultimate Salt Heroes – Atomic Blonde 10ml

Atomic Lemons, crushed digestive biscuit with a creamy finish, a superb lemon blondie mix...

Ultimate Salt Heroes – Captain Cosmic 10ml

Tropical mangos, Sweet guava and punchy pineapple, combined to make a truly cosmic all day vape...

Ultimate Salt Heroes – Mecha Man 10ml

Tart and zingy cranberries, juicy mangos and zesty orange smashed together by the muscles of Mecha M..

Ultimate Salt Heroes – Mystic Sorceress 10ml

A magical mix of strawberries and cream. The perfect sweet, fruity and creamy mix created by magic!..

Ultimate Salt Heroes – Night Howler 10ml

The darkest grapes and juicy red watermelon crushed to make the perfect e-liquid that will make you ..

Ultimate Salt Heroes – Storm Surge 10ml

Pungent ripe raspberries with the perfect helping of pear and mixed berries, a pure surge of heroism..

Ultimate Salt Ice Lolly - Blackcurrant 10ml

Our strong blackcurrant ice lolly is sweet, succulent & an easy all day vape. If you love fruity..

Ultimate Salt Ice Lolly - Bubble Grape - 10ml

Do you love grape? Bubblegum? Why not try our bubble grape ice lolly! Candylicious ice lolly goodnes..

Ultimate Salt Ice Lolly - Strawberry Kiwi - 10ml

Our perfect combo of sweet strawberry & juicy kiwi is definitely one to add to your favourites. ..