Salt E-Liquids

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Dinner Lady Lemon Tart Nic Salt 10ml

One of the UK's favourite e-liquids, now with a nicotine salt formula! Dinner Lady Lemon Tart blends..

Dinner Lady Mango Ice Nic Salt 10ml

Mango Ice e-liquid by Dinner Lady Salts is an exotic fruit blend with a crisp exhale. The ripe tas..

Dinner Lady Melon Twist Nic Salt 10ml

Dinner Lady Fruits Melon Twist is a seriously twisted melon and kiwi flavour. Let your t..

Dinner Lady Mint Tobacco Nic Salt 10ml

Dinner Lady Mint Tobacco offers a cool and minty tobacco hit that will almost take your breath ..

Dinner Lady Pink Berry Nic Salt 10ml

Pink Berry e-liquid by Dinner Lady is a berry fruit blend fused with a twist of citrus. A combinat..

Dinner Lady Pink Wave Nic Salt 10ml

Dinner Lady Fruits Pink Wave is a mixture of strawberries, lemons and coconuts. Let the Pink ..

Dinner Lady Purple Rain Nic Salt 10ml

Dinner Lady Fruits Purple Rain will have you drowing in ..

Dinner Lady Smooth Tobacco Nic Salt 10ml

Dinner Lady Smooth Tobacco has a sweet and naturally rounded tobacco taste.Nic Salts are extracted d..

Dinner Lady Strawberry Ice Nic Salt 10ml

Strawberry Ice eliquid by Dinner Lady is a fizzy drink blend which plays between sweet and sour tast..

Dinner Lady Strawberry Macaroon Nic Salt 10ml

Strawberry Macaroon eliquid by Dinner Lady is a dessert blend mimicking the popular pastry snack. A ..

Dinner Lady Sweet Fruits Nic Salt 10ml

Sweet Fruits eliquid by Dinner Lady Salts is a fruit blend with a sugary layer. A combination of mix..

Dinner Lady Tropical Fruits Nic Salt 10ml

Dinner Lady Tropical Fruits is a sweet and succulent pin..

Dinner Lady Watermelon Slices Nic Salt 10ml

Watermelon Slices eliquid by Dinner Lady is a tropical fruit blend containing a sugary layer. Based ..

Doozy Salts Apple and Grape Blast

Crisp Green Apples and a mixture of Sweet Juicy Grapes with a Cool Refreshing Blast of Ice...

Doozy Salts Apple Mango

A mixture of juicy Apples infused with exotic Mangoes. A tantalising blend of Tropical Fruits that h..

Doozy Salts Caramel Tobacco

A subtle hint of Tobacco engulfed with lashings of Golden Caramel. A satisfying hit enshrouded with ..

Doozy Salts Caramel Tobacco Ice

Subtle hint of Tobacco Engulfed with Lashings of Golden Caramel with a Twist of Ice...

Doozy Salts Fizzy Lemon

Sharp sweet Lemon with a Fizzy twist. The taste of melting Candy followed by a punch of fizzy Sherbe..

Doozy Salts Frozen Berries

A concoction of Berries and crushed Ice combine together for a cool refreshing vape. Feel the icy ch..

Doozy Salts Lemon Berry Pie

Luxuriously soft Pie Dough mixed with Sweet Berries and Zingy Lemon makes this an enjoyable treat...

Doozy Salts Tropical Slush

A mouth watering combination of Blue Raspberries and Pineapple blended together to create a refreshi..

Doozy Salts Vanilla Custard

Creamy Custard infused with delicate Vanilla provides a perfect combination that is complimented by ..

Doozy Salts Vimto Crush

The Classic Vimto taste of the Juiciest Berries with Crushed Ice perfectly complimented to be your a..

Doozy Temptations Salt Banana Split 10ml

A Velvety Smooth combination of Sweet Banana and Vanilla Ice Cream, makes this heavenly combination ..

Doozy Temptations Salt Ice Cream Cake 10ml

Scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream sandwiched between layers of Soft Spongy Cake topped with Sprinkles. ..

Doozy Temptations Salt Jam Tart 10ml

Butter Dough Pastry combined with a Sweet yet Tart Blueberry Jam. A true Tea Time classic!..

Doozy Temptations Salt Muffin Delight 10ml

A Gorgeously Soft and Scrumptious Muffin infused with Sweet Fruity notes with a hint of Cinnamon. ..

Doozy Temptations Salt Strawberry Milk 10ml

A Silky, Smooth blend of Sweet Strawberries and Clotted Cream with a Splash of Milk. Creating Plumes..

Doozy Tropix Fiji Nic Salt 10ml

Doozy Salts Tropix Fiji Nic Salt is a mesmerising combination of crisp Fuji apple and sweet cucamelo..

Doozy Tropix Hawaii Nic Salt 10ml

Doozy Salts Tropix Hawaii Nic Salt is a unique combina..

Doozy Tropix Malibu Nic Salt 10ml

Doozy Salts Tropix Malibu Nic Salt is a mixture of tange..

Doozy Tropix Tahiti Nic Salt 10ml

Doozy Salts Tropix Tahiti Nic Salt is a refreshing bur..

Dr Frost Salt Nic - Apple Cranberry Ice E-Liquid - 10ML Bottle

Dr Frost Salt Nic - Apple Cranberry Ice E-Liquid - 10ML Bottle - Plucked straight from the permafros..

Dr Frost Salt Nic - Blue Raspberry Ice E-Liquid - 10ML Bottle

Welcome the newest member of the Dr. Frost family - Blue Raspberry Ice.The sweet, icy taste of Blu..

Dr Frost Salt Nic - Cherry Ice E-Liquid - 10ML Bottle

Cherry Ice Nic Salt by Dr. Frost E Liquid | 10ml Bottles - Plucked straight from the permafrost then..

Dr Frost Salt Nic - Energy Ice E-Liquid - 10ML Bottle

Dr Frost Salt Nic - Energy Ice E-Liquid - 10ML Bottle - Plucked straight from the permafrost then cr..

Dr Frost Salt Nic - Frosty Fizz Blue Slush E-Liquid - 10ML Bottle

That Blue Iced Slush is calling you, but not any Blue Slush - Dr. Frost's Blue Slush.Your favourit..

Dr Frost Salt Nic - Frosty Fizz Lemonade Ice E-Liquid - 10ML Bottle

The master always chooses the right tool for the job. When it comes to creating Lemonade Ice, Dr. ..

Dr Frost Salt Nic - Frosty Fizz Pink Soda E-Liquid - 10ML Bottle

Grapes, handpicked, frozen, sent to the Frozen North, stomped into a mush and added to a very spec..

Dr Frost Salt Nic - Grape Ice E-Liquid - 10ML Bottle

Grape Ice Nic Salt by Dr. Frost E Liquid | 10ml Bottles - Loose your head in the frozen grape tundra..

Dr Frost Salt Nic - Honeydew Blackcurrant Ice E-Liquid - 10ML Bottle

Honeydew Blackcurrant Ice Nic Salt by Dr. Frost E Liquid | 10ml Bottles - Is it a mentholated blackc..

Dr Frost Salt Nic - Mixed Fruit Ice E-Liquid - 10ML Bottle

Passion fruit, Mango and Mixed Berries create this wonderful, juicy e-liquid which is finished wit..

Dr Frost Salt Nic - Orange Mango Ice E-Liquid - 10ML Bottle

Orange Mango Ice Nic Salt by Dr. Frost E Liquid | 10ml Bottles - Only Dr.Frost knows the recipe for ..

Dr Frost Salt Nic - Pineapple Ice E-Liquid - 10ML Bottle

Obviously, the "Frosts" favourite time of year is that of cold, ice and festive celebrations, so, ..

Dr Frost Salt Nic - Strawberry Ice E-Liquid - 10ML Bottle SOLD OUT

Dr Frost Salt Nic - Strawberry Ice E-Liquid - 10ML Bottle

Strawberry Ice Nic Salt by Dr. Frost E Liquid | 10ml Bottles - Plucked straight from the permafrost ..

Dr Frost Salt Nic - Watermelon Ice E-Liquid - 10ML Bottle

Watermelon Ice Nic Salt by Dr. Frost E Liquid | 10ml Bottles - A new extraordinary refreshing waterm..

Dr Vapes Gems Series Emerald Nic Salt 10ml

Lemon and lime Ice - A remake of a truly classic combo, this citrusy medley of fresh, zesty lemon an..

Dr Vapes Gems Series Ruby Nic Salt 10ml

Super Strawberry - A festival of ripe, juicy strawberries lovingly handpicked for th..

Dr Vapes Gems Series Topaz Nic Salt 10ml

Mad Mango - Bringing a taste of tropical islands to your tastebuds with this magically ripe mango bl..

Dr Vapes Panther Series Black Custard Nic Salt 10ml

We've extracted the vanilla custard element from our Black Panther flavour to give y..

Dr Vapes Panther Series Black Nic Salt 10ml

Experience flavours from all corners of the world with Havana tobacco, enriched with whirls of smoot..

Dr Vapes Panther Series Blue Nic Salt 10ml

The Blue Panther Rises! The original recipe is inspired from the famous “Dat Blue Stuff” a..

Dr Vapes Panther Series Gold Nic Salt 10ml

This "Liquid Gold" is put together by fresh honey glazed lychees quickly backed up by the finest man..

Dr Vapes Panther Series Lotus Nic Salt 10ml

Calling all caramelised biscuit lovers! Sweet, fluffy cream cheese meets a deliciously toasted ..

Dr Vapes Panther Series Pink Nic Salt 10ml

Fresh blackcurrants drenched in cotton candy nectar. If you’re ready for an eruption of sweet, syrup..

Dr Vapes Panther Series Purple Nic Salt 10ml

A rich and tasteful grape flavour made to perfection. Equally split with 3 grape varieties making su..

ELFLIQ Apple Peach NIC Salt 10ml

Apple Peach Your taste buds will be in heaven with this combination of sweet, ripe apples and ..

ELFLIQ Blue Razz Lemonade NIC Salt 10ml

Blue Razz Lemonade The Blue Razz Lemonade ELFLIQ is a delectable mix of blue raspberry and lem..

ELFLIQ Blueberry NIC Salt 10ml

Blueberry  Blueberry ELFLIQ has a sweet, tangy taste that is perfect for any season. The ..

ELFLIQ Blueberry Sour Raspberry NIC Salt 10ml

Blueberry Sour Raspberry The Blueberry Sour Raspberry ELFLIQ features fresh, ripe blueber..

ELFLIQ Cotton Candy Ice NIC Salt 10ml

Cotton Candy Ice The Cotton Candy Ice ELFLIQ is sweet yet refreshing. The sweetness of the cot..

ELFLIQ Cream Tobacco NIC Salt 10ml

Cream Tobacco The Cream Tobacco ELFLIQ is a tobacco flavour with a sweet cream base. The tobac..

ELFLIQ Elfbull Ice NIC Salt 10ml

Elfbull Ice The Elfbull Ice ELFLIQ provides an explosion of flavour with a powerful punch of e..

ELFLIQ Kiwi Passionfruit Guava NIC Salt 10ml

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava ElfLiq is an amazing blend of three deliciou..

ELFLIQ Pink Grapefruit NIC Salt 10ml

Pink Grapefruit The Pink Grapefruit ELFLIQ is the perfect balance of tangy and sweet. The arom..

ELFLIQ Pink Lemonade NIC Salt 10ml

Pink Lemonade Try the Pink Lemonade ELFLIQ and experience a sweet, tangy vape that wil..