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I VG Salts
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I VG Salt Frozen Cherries 10ml

Indulge in a combination of freshly handpicked red cherries, splashed with a blast of crushed ice,..

I VG Salt Green Energy 10ml

Stimulate all of your senses with this powerful punch of your favourite energy drink, crushed with..

I VG Salt Iced Melonade 10ml

Deliciously fresh and fruity watermelon, shaken not stirred, with a dash of galia melon and sweet an..

I VG Salt Paradise Lagoon 10ml

Juicy pineapples on ice, softly blended with ripe papaya chunks and citrus elements, leaving you w..

I VG Salt Apple Berry Crumble 10ml

I VG Apple Berry Crumble is a traditional English crumble with rich apple and blackberry filling.Nic..

I VG Salt Berry Medley 10ml

I VG Salt Berry Medley is a mixture of dark blackcurrants; sour, tangy raspberries and sweet green a..

I VG Salt Blue Raspberry 10ml

Ecigarettes Wholesale UK has been the leading company in providing the wholesale e-liquids..

I VG Salt Blueberg Burst 10ml

I VG Salt Blueberg Burst is a sweet blueberry undertone with a refreshingly cool finish.Nic Salts ar..

I VG Salt Bubblegum Millions 10ml SOLD OUT

I VG Salt Bubblegum Millions 10ml

Bubblegum Millions Nic Salt eliquid is made up of sweet and fruity notes. A distinctive bubblegum fl..

I VG Salt Cinnamon Blaze Chew 10ml

A combination of sweet and spicy cinnamon blended to perfection. This treat will have your taste bud..

I VG Salt Citrus Lemonade 10ml

Handpicked sour grapefruits infused with the zest of oranges & lemons, creating a natural tang..

I VG Salt Cola Ice 10ml

I VG Cola Ice is a replica of your all time favourite cold cola, served with lashings of ice.Nic Sal..

I VG Salt Forest Berries Ice 10ml

Forest Berries Ice salt nicotine e-liquid by IVG is a berry fruit medley containing a chilled finish..

I VG Salt Fresh Mango 10ml

An elixir of soft tropical mango fruit with pleasant citric notes...

I VG Salt Honey Crunch 10ml

Enjoy the sensation of golden honey, layered over a crunchy cereal blend, perfectly wrapped with a d..

I VG Salt Honeydew Lemonade 10ml

Juicy honeydew melon puree combined with freshly squeezed lemon juice, garnished with crushed ice. A..

I VG Salt Ice Menthol 10ml

I VG Salt Ice Menthol is a chilled menthol with extra menthol and an icy finish.Nic Salts are extrac..

I VG Salt Kiwi Lemon Kool 10ml

I VG Salt Kiwi Lemon Kool. Kiwi Kool is a tart yet invigorating blend of distinctive kiwi, sour lemo..

I VG Salt Neon Lime 10ml

I VG Neon Lime is a delicious lemon and lime sherbet with a refreshing exhaleNic Salts are extracted..

I VG Salt Orangeade 10ml

Treat your taste-buds with a blast of orange soda with a fizzy kick finished off with a refreshing f..

I VG Salt Peppermint Breeze Chew 10ml

Balanced to a chew! The combination of the finest mints infused into chewing gum brilliance! This ..

I VG Salt Pina Colada 10ml

Pina Colada salt nicotine e-liquid by IVG is a cocktail blend which combines both smooth and fruity ..

I VG Salt Pink Lemonade 10ml

I VG Pink Lemonade is a vibrant, refreshing, classic smooth and tangy lemonade flavour with a sweet ..

I VG Salt Rainbow Blast 10ml

I VG Salt Rainbow Blast is an outrageously-fruity mix of lush strawberries, juicy oranges and z..

I VG Salt Riberry Lemonade 10ml

A perfect blend of crushed blackcurrants and wild berries paired with refreshing lemonade, an extrem..

I VG Salt Sour Green Apple 10ml

Refresh your taste-buds with the taste of crisp, sour green apples on the inhale and a sweet fruity ..

I VG Salt Spearmint Sweets 10ml

I VG Salt Spearmint Sweets. The spearmint flavour is similar to that of chewing gum with floral note..

I VG Salt Strawberry Jam Yoghurt 10ml

A deliciously sweet taste of strawberries combined with a perfect smooth and creamy yogurt...

I VG Salt Strawberry Sensation 10ml

A delicious mix of fresh strawberries and sweet candy with a touch of natural cooling...

I VG Salt Strawberry Watermelon 10ml

I VG Strawberry Watermelon Chew is a fruity combo of juicy strawberries and watermelon with a candy ..

I VG Salt Summer Blaze 10ml

Summer Blaze by I VG (formally known as "I Like VG" and "I Love VG") features a blend of Sicilian Le..

I VG Salt Tropical Berry Chew 10ml

This flavour brings together tropical fruits and berries with the perfect amounts of gum, bringing..

I VG Salt Tropical Ice Blast 10ml

I VG Salt Tropical Ice Blast is a burst of iced exotic fruits, starting with notes of sweet and sour..

I VG Salt Unicorn Hoops 10ml

Enlighten your taste-buds with a light taste of marshmallow, entwined with fulfilling cereal sensati..

I VG Salt Vanilla Biscuit 10ml

A classic biscuit taste complimented with a smooth custard filling, tasty enough you’ll want to enjo..