Doozy Salts

Doozy Salts
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Doozy Salts Apple and Grape Blast

Crisp Green Apples and a mixture of Sweet Juicy Grapes with a Cool Refreshing Blast of Ice...

Doozy Salts Apple Mango

A mixture of juicy Apples infused with exotic Mangoes. A tantalising blend of Tropical Fruits that h..

Doozy Salts Caramel Tobacco

A subtle hint of Tobacco engulfed with lashings of Golden Caramel. A satisfying hit enshrouded with ..

Doozy Salts Caramel Tobacco Ice

Subtle hint of Tobacco Engulfed with Lashings of Golden Caramel with a Twist of Ice...

Doozy Salts Fizzy Lemon

Sharp sweet Lemon with a Fizzy twist. The taste of melting Candy followed by a punch of fizzy Sherbe..

Doozy Salts Frozen Berries

A concoction of Berries and crushed Ice combine together for a cool refreshing vape. Feel the icy ch..

Doozy Salts Lemon Berry Pie

Luxuriously soft Pie Dough mixed with Sweet Berries and Zingy Lemon makes this an enjoyable treat...

Doozy Salts Tropical Slush

A mouth watering combination of Blue Raspberries and Pineapple blended together to create a refreshi..

Doozy Salts Vanilla Custard

Creamy Custard infused with delicate Vanilla provides a perfect combination that is complimented by ..

Doozy Salts Vimto Crush

The Classic Vimto taste of the Juiciest Berries with Crushed Ice perfectly complimented to be your a..

Doozy Tropix Fiji Nic Salt 10ml

Doozy Salts Tropix Fiji Nic Salt is a mesmerising combination of crisp Fuji apple and sweet cucamelo..

Doozy Tropix Hawaii Nic Salt 10ml

Doozy Salts Tropix Hawaii Nic Salt is a unique combina..

Doozy Tropix Malibu Nic Salt 10ml

Doozy Salts Tropix Malibu Nic Salt is a mixture of tange..

Doozy Tropix Tahiti Nic Salt 10ml

Doozy Salts Tropix Tahiti Nic Salt is a refreshing bur..

Seriously Salty Arctic Berries 10ml

A Tasty mix of Succulent Blue and Red Berries perfectly combined making this a Berry Nice Flavour w..

Seriously Salty Berry Watermelon 10ml

A Juicy Mix of Ripe Strawberries and Slices of Red Watermelon make this stunning Cool Combination, i..

Seriously Salty Blackcurrant Lemonade 10ml

A Refreshingly Juicy mix of Blackcurrants and a Citrus wave of Zesty Lemon with a Nice Cool Kick of ..

Seriously Salty Blue Razz Ice 10ml

An Amazing concoction of Blue Raspberries wrapped in a Nice Sweet Candy with an icy twist…insanely d..

Seriously Salty Frozen Apple Berry 10ml

A Luscious combination of Red Raspberries and Crispy Green Apples Frozen together to form a Nice a..

Seriously Salty Ice N Berg 10ml

A Tantalising mix of Wild Berries wrapped in a Cool Icy breeze with a hint of Aniseed making this Se..

Seriously Salty Soda Ayn Tru 10ml

The Unmistakable Taste of the Orange coloured Beverage we all know and love…Barr none! Experience th..

Seriously Salty Soda Blue Razz Lemonade 10ml

Our Famous Blue Razz Berry now with a Twist of Lemonade. The insanely tasty Blue Raspberries now wit..

Seriously Salty Soda Blue Wing 10ml

Everyone’s Favourite Energy Drink, if you love the beverage you’ll definitely enjoy the taste of thi..

Seriously Salty Soda Fruity Fusion 10ml

A Juicy Medley of Mandarin and Passionfruit. With a hint of Lychee Apple. Based on the Popular Red F..

Seriously Salty Soda Guava Passion 10ml

A Mouth Watering Combination of Crisp Juicy Guava complimented by the Exotic taste of Sweet Tangy Pa..

Seriously Salty Soda Tropical Twist 10ml

Succulent Pineapple Chunks Drenched in Grapefruit Juice with a Splash of Pomelo. Inspired by the Fla..