Juice N Power Salt

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Power - Berry Lemonade Ice Salt 10ml

Perfect for a warm summer’s day, give your tongue a treat with this delicious Berry Lemonade e liqui..

Power - Blue Raspberry Lemonade Salt 10ml

One of the most sensational flavours around that screams of summer, evoking childhood memories of sl..

Power - Blueberry Pomegranate Salt 10ml

Two of the sweetest flavours combine in the most wonderful way in this Blueberry Pomegranate liquid...

Power - Cherry Ice Salt 10ml

The iconic taste of rich and flavourful Cherry is delivered to your taste buds in this liquid, givin..

Power - Energy Ice Salt 10ml

Give yourself a boost with this Energy Ice, designed to energize your senses. From the unique scent ..

Power - Grape Ice Salt 10ml

Pops of sourness are combined with the unmistakable hints of grape in this invigorating Grape Ice. A..

Power - Passion Fruit Salt 10ml

Invite a tropical taste to your tingling taste buds with this Passion fruit juice, designed to bring..

Power - Sour Apple Salt 10ml

A crisp and sour bite of crunchy apple flavour, this Sour Apple Power juice is ideal for those seeki..

Power - Starfruit Kiwi Salt 10ml

Experience the exotic flavours of both Starfruit and Kiwi combined in this delightful flavoured Powe..

Power - Watermelon Ice Salt 10ml

If you’re looking for a sweet, fruity flavour ready to refresh your mouth, then the cooling effect o..