226 Nic Salts

226 Nic Salts
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226 Nic Salts 10ml Crystal Blue

Crystal Blue is a flavourful blend of mixed dark fruit finished with a cool aniseed punch.Prominent ..

226 Nic Salts 10ml Dire Wolf

Dire Wolf is a divine Raspberry Lemonade with a subtle hint of Grapefruit aftertaste.Prominent Flavo..

226 Nic Salts 10ml Night King

Night King is a super refreshing and juicy Blue Raspberry with a cool kick to finish.Prominent Flavo..

226 Nic Salts 10ml Snow White

By far our favourite! Snow White is a perfect blend of Dark Berries with a Huckleberry infusion that..

226 Nic Salts 10ml Somethin Fruity

Juicy mixed summer fruits infused with a well balanced burst of berries. For that great all day, eve..

226 Nic Salts 10ml Wise Guy

Wise Guy is a sweet infusion of sweet apple and extremely moreish mango.Prominent Flavours: Sweet Ap..