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Being one the major wholesale supplier of Electronic Cigarettes in the country, we have other range of devices and accessories, which include vaping tanks such as RDAs, RTAs and RTDAs along with the accessories range. We keep our promise to give you the best at best possible prices in the market.

Nearly all the product variety and range from all the major brands are here at E-cigarette wholesale UK since all of our departments from Operations to Quality control work in deep concentration and connection to bring out the best for you as we care for our customers and want you to shift from smoking to vaping with the aim of enjoying without compromising on health.. Have a look at major categories of vape tanks to decide which one would fit your requirement.

Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (RDA)

RDA is a short name for Rebuildable Dripper Atomizer. As the name suggests, these tanks give you the liberty and option to do customization to your atomizers/vape tanks. You can choose your own vape tank with respect to your preference and choice as every single model of RDA tank comes in different size and shape. The choices of the users vary as a few like large space for coils whereas others prefer depth for drenching their wick. For either of the liking, the choice of RDA UK tank will work for you.

Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer (RDTA)

For the ones who are beginners to vaping, you might not have an idea of RTDA tanks. Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer also known as RDTA is a combination of RDA and RTA and has an e-juice holding tank with built-on deck, which provides it with an edge of Auto-Dripping option.

Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA Vape UK)

RTAs are Rebuildable Tank Atomizers commonly known as RTAs, are such tanks, which give you the option and free hand to play with the building of your tank as per your desire. What else can you think of, if a tank is giving you compartments of E-Liquid, comprising of coils and the Wicks.

Brand we are Offering

Ecigarettes Wholesale UK is offering Augvape, Hellvape, Indulgence, and Digiflavour with further two brands of Digiflavor Pharaoh Mini RTA 2ml and Drop RDA. Geekvape brand contains Geekvape Peerless RDTA. The brand IJOY contains the product IJOY Captain Elite RTA with single coil. Last but not the least Vandy Vapes has a vast range of sub products of RTAs, RDAs and RDTAs.


To get the best out of your choice, let us have a complete understanding with respect to the differences between all types of vape tanks i.e. RTA, RDA and RDTAs.

The abbreviation "RBA" remains for "ReBuildable Atomizers", an essential classification of vaping atomizer frameworks. RBA has two classes, RTAs and RDAs. The Rebuildable Tank Atomizer a.k.a RTA being a tank framework and Rebuildable Drip Atomizer RDA is a dripper framework. You can draw together your own loops with rebuildables by physically coiling the curl and append it to the framework by including a wick.


For cloud chasers, RDAs are mostly highlighted. In the event that you need to blow tremendous mists, you need to expand on a RDA. With a RDA, you truly dribble the fluid from a jug into the tank by means of the drip tip - otherwise called "redripping".

DAs require that you trickle your juice inside RDAs and puff it. An extra-preferred standpoint with this is you can switch up your fluids even more as often as possible, - A RTA might be a superior decision.


A RTA is a tank framework with a rebuildable loop. You top it off and vape until the point that the fluid is depleted and afterwards fill once more. The accommodation accompanies a little execution forfeit and RTAs have a tendency to be harder to manufacture since they are gathered with various parts. By the by, RTAs are as yet prominent with those arranged to contribute some learning time. Numerous vapers swear by the flavour generation they can get from a RTA.


RDTA implies: Rebuild-capable Dripping Tank Atomizer , it's RDA + RTA, with a tank to hold ejuice, and with a deck to expand on, the distinction is the capacity of "Auto Dripping". You don't have to pull off the best top and dribble onto the wick always, and it additionally has no channels for the ejuice streaming into the wick. They for the most part work by trickling onto your wick when you push down on the dribble tip. It likewise named as "Auto Dripper". Recommended one is Aromamizer Supreme RDTA.

Significance of RTAs and RDAs

The fundamental advantage to RTAs and RDAs is that you can construct your own particular loops to your coveted protection.

Before locally acquired "drop in loops" turned out to be broadly accessible, RBAs were the best way to get an elite vape. Today, RBAs are utilized by perfectionists who need to adjust their vape to their correct inclination and for the individuals who wish to vape as inexpensively as could be expected under the circumstances.

Which one is Best RDA and RTA

The vaping scene has come to support shorter RDAs with a more extensive base If need to bounce into the RTA world; a great reasonable decision is the REMEntry RDA from REM Creations. And for the best RTA, the Pharaoh RTA from Digiflavor is an extraordinary decision for any individual who needs to outdo the two universes and requests season. It is somewhat trickier to work than a RDA; however, it is an extremely well-made gadget that is justified regardless of the additional exertion while being sufficiently strong to keep any spilling.