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Lime Cola 25ml By Panda Juice Co (Short Fill)

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Buy Panda Juice Co Vape E Liquid and E Juice Flavors Online in UK

Very few manufacturers are named after a Panda and here is one that is not only named after it, but does a great job at satisfying consumer wants in the vape market.

The Panda Juice Co Vape liquids are a cola-based series of e liquids, which are pretty rare in the vape juice markets. The series of e liquids is one of the best-selling products at ECigarettes Wholesale UK. The e liquids within the flavor are based on fruits but have a fizzy edge, nevertheless. The flavors in the series are Cherry Cola, Lime Cola and Vanilla Cola. The flavors are available in what the manufacturer calls a “cub sized” bottle to add that “Panda” element to the juice. The size of these bottles is 30 ml and they have, in them, 25 ml of nicotine-free e liquid. The rest of the 5 ml is to add a nicotine shot to your flavor. The flavors enjoy the usual PG to VG ratio of 30/70, which characterizes great vapor production and decent taste. The e liquids are sold in the UK by ECigarettes Wholesale UK at unbeatable prices.

Why Panda Juice Co E Juice is the Famous Vape Juice in UK?

A great part of why these juices are so famous in the UK, is their association with Pandas themselves. The bottles being “cub sized” and the color and design of the packaging all pointing to the adorable creature that people around the world love. It is not just the association really that gives the e liquid its edge. It is also the perfection with which the manufacturer has achieved this. Moreover, the fact that the e liquids are one of the best cola-based e liquid series speaks for itself and brings great fame to the e liquid in UK.

Why do People Like to Buy Panda Juice Co Vape E Liquid in UK?

Of course, when anything is famous people will automatically love to buy it based on the assumption that it takes work to get famous, which is exactly what the Panda Juice Co has done to make their e liquids stand out. The great reviews of the e liquids and their strict quality assurances further convince the people to buy this delicious treat.

Different Flavors of Panda Juice Co Available in UK

The flavor profile being one of the factor that many like the vape juice and why it is famous in the first place, it is important to understand what flavors you are vaping before you go an buy them. So, to help you understand the flavors of the Panda Juice Co, here is a review of all of the flavors sold on ECigarettes Wholesale UK:

  • Cherry Cola: Cherry is one of the most usual choices for any manufacturer looking to produce a Cola based e liquids and so there are some of these in the market. However, not all of them are even near as good as the Cherry Cola. The Cherry taste and the fizzy texture both complement each other and the aftertaste of the e liquid is just amazing. The flavor has great aroma that has both the Cherry and the fizzy element apparent on it. What else could you want in an e liquid.

  • Lime Cola: Lime Cola is a very artistic flavor. It has everything for all vapers out there. The sour touch of lime, the fizz and sweetness of a cola, the great cloud production, no throat hit, everything just adds up. While the flavor is the limelight (pun intended) of the e liquid, perfection in the aspects such as cloud production, throat hit and texture make this e liquid a prime candidate for your all-day vape.

  • Vanilla Cola: The Vanilla Cola has to be the most peculiar flavor that you have heard about all week. How do Vanilla and Cola even mix, you might ask, but this is where the skill of the manufacturer shows up, and they do a brilliant job with the flavor. The flavor is a must try for any vape lovers out there.