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KSTRD - Appl Pie Nic Salt 10ml

The flakiest pastry this side of 2020, the sweetest slow baked apples, a dusting of comforting ..

KSTRD - BNNA Nic Salt 10ml

The richest and ripest Banana custard on the market. This luxurious and succulent mix will drag you ..

KSTRD - Just Jam Strawberry Nic Salt 10ml

Featuring the hottest collab in British vaping history, KSTRD has met Just Jam with force! Bringing ..

KSTRD - PRPL Nic Salt 10ml

Dark fruits and Custard... A match made in heaven, Grab a bottle today and taste the Purple, now in ..

KSTRD - VNLLA Nic Salt 10ml

Are you prepared the creamiest custard of 2020? Devilishly moreish and seductively succulent, this v..