Dr Vapes

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Dr Vapes Gems Series Emerald Nic Salt 10ml

Lemon and lime Ice - A remake of a truly classic combo, this citrusy medley of fresh, zesty lemon an..

Dr Vapes Gems Series Ruby Nic Salt 10ml

Super Strawberry - A festival of ripe, juicy strawberries lovingly handpicked for th..

Dr Vapes Gems Series Topaz Nic Salt 10ml

Mad Mango - Bringing a taste of tropical islands to your tastebuds with this magically ripe mango bl..

Dr Vapes Panther Series Black Custard Nic Salt 10ml

We've extracted the vanilla custard element from our Black Panther flavour to give y..

Dr Vapes Panther Series Black Nic Salt 10ml

Experience flavours from all corners of the world with Havana tobacco, enriched with whirls of smoot..

Dr Vapes Panther Series Blue Nic Salt 10ml

The Blue Panther Rises! The original recipe is inspired from the famous “Dat Blue Stuff” a..

Dr Vapes Panther Series Gold Nic Salt 10ml

This "Liquid Gold" is put together by fresh honey glazed lychees quickly backed up by the finest man..

Dr Vapes Panther Series Lotus Nic Salt 10ml

Calling all caramelised biscuit lovers! Sweet, fluffy cream cheese meets a deliciously toasted ..

Dr Vapes Panther Series Pink Nic Salt 10ml

Fresh blackcurrants drenched in cotton candy nectar. If you’re ready for an eruption of sweet, syrup..

Dr Vapes Panther Series Purple Nic Salt 10ml

A rich and tasteful grape flavour made to perfection. Equally split with 3 grape varieties making su..