Ultimate Bar Salts

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Ultimate Bar Salts Blue Monster

We tried our best to tame it, but this flavour was too much of a wildcard even for us. Blue Monster ..

Ultimate Bar Salts Blue Slush Ice

One of Vaping’s staple flavours, Blue Slushy has made its way into our disposable vaping arsenal. Th..

Ultimate Bar Salts Cherry Chill

Cherries that feel as if they came straight from the north pole itself. This cherry flavour will giv..

Ultimate Bar Salts Cherry Cola Chill

Cherries, Cola and everything nice. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect disposab..

Ultimate Bar Salts Chilled Grape

Chilled Grape combines the succulent flavour of Grapes with a cold chill to give you a fruitful vapi..

Ultimate Bar Salts Dr Blue

A fine selection of blueberries, blackberries and raspberries all blended perfectly for th..

Ultimate Bar Salts Fresh Mango

Mango has never tasted better. With this Ultimate Bar we’ve taken the Best Mango’s the world has to ..

Ultimate Bar Salts Menthol Breeze

A Soothing Mint Breeze, Gentle on your taste buds, yet strong enough to leave you feeling relieved a..

Ultimate Bar Salts Pink Lemonade

When life gives us lemons, we make Pink Lemonade. This flavour takes gorgeous raspberries and blends..

Ultimate Bar Salts Strawberry Chill

Debatably the greatest fruit of them all. Our Strawberry chill flavour is sweet like a strawberry an..

Ultimate Bar Salts The Monster

Need your energy boost for the day? Our Monster flavour reminds you of your favourite energy drinks ..

Ultimate Bar Salts Watermelon Chill

Our Watermelon Chill is a sweet fruity flavour that takes its namesake from the water packed juicy f..