Beyond Salts

Beyond Salts
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Beyond Salt Berry Melonade Blitz 10ml

Venture into the great beyond with this fusion of sweet blackcurrants and mouth-watering watermelons..

Beyond Salt Kiwi Passion Kick 10ml

Get your summer sun kick with this kiwi and passion fruit combination, merged together with berries ..

Beyond Salt Sour Melon Surge 10ml

A combination of honeydew and ripe watermelon with a surge of sour lime to kick this flavour into th..

Beyond Salt Cherry Apple Crush 10ml

This flavour delivers a crushing blow of both red and green apples, finished off with a sweet blackc..

Beyond Salt Dragonberry Blend Blitz 10ml

Experience the breath of a dragon with this powerful blend of sweet dragon berries, succulent strawb..

Beyond Salt Mango Berry Magic 10ml

For this magic trick we have blended mango with sweet strawberries, then cooled the mixture off with..