Doozy Fifty 50

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Blackcurrant Aniseed Fifty 50 by Doozy

Blackcurrant Aniseed Fifty 50 a juicy Mix of Blackcurrants with a Twist of Aniseed, making this..

Blue Raspberry Fifty 50 by Doozy

Blue Raspberry Fifty 50 a of Raspberries of the Blue variety. A gorgeously sweetvape thats so a..

Blueberry Fifty 50 by Doozy

Blueberry Fifty 50 a Mix of the finest Blueberries with a tart sweetness that makes this E..

Heisenberry Fifty 50 by Doozy

Heisenberry Fifty 50 a delicious blend of Mixed Fruit and Berries with a Cool Icy Aniseed after..

Menthol Fifty 50 by Doozy

Menthol Fifty 50 a Cool Crisp vape that compliments any flavour. Perfect to add to your fa..

Mixed Berries Fifty 50 by Doozy

Mixed Berries Fifty 50 a tasty mix of Grapes and Berries makes this a tantalising vape that&nbs..

Strawberry Fifty 50 by Doozy

Strawberry Fifty 50 a Lush combination of sweet juicy Strawberries. You can never get enou..

Tobacco Fifty 50 by Doozy

Tobacco Fifty 50 a must for those who enjoy a nice Tobacco flavour with a slight hint of s..