Super Juice

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Super Juice Awesome Red Aniseed 100ml E-liquid

An awesome combination of red berries, tangy cherries and red aniseed, leaving you with a stimulatin..

Super Juice Berry Boom 100ml E-liquid

Get a boomtastic summer kick filled with fruity flavours; strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrant...

Super Juice Blue Dazzleberry 100ml E-liquid

Dazzle your senses with the classic blue slushy flavour, giving you the ultimate cool raspberry expe..

Super Juice Cherry Storm 100ml E-liquid

A whirlwind of flavour combinations with an intense cool blast of menthol and fresh cherries...

Super Juice Crimson Pink Fizz 100ml E-liquid SOLD OUT

Super Juice Crimson Pink Fizz 100ml E-liquid

Lemonade has never tasted so good, with hints of strawberry and tangy raspberry and your favourite f..

Super Juice Crystal Kick 100ml E-liquid

Inhale the taste of blueberries and aniseed, exhale a crystal menthol punch with this flavour!..

Super Juice Frostbite 100ml E-liquid

Experience an intense icy blast of menthol giving you the coolest hit around!..

Super Juice Fruit Chews Extreme 100ml E-liquid

Sweet raspberry and pineapple, this chewtastic flavour gives you the greatest aftertaste around!..

Super Juice Gummy Wonder 100ml E-liquid

A wonderful mix of all of your favourite fruity chew flavours, pineapple, blackcurrant, lime, cherry..

Super Juice Mapple Mix Up 100ml E-liquid

Mix it up with fresh mango and sour green apples, socking you right in the taste buds!..

Super Juice Midnight Berry Breeze 100ml E-liquid

Go to the dark side with the deep flavours of blackcurrant, cooled with a menthol breeze...

Super Juice Pinkberry Blast 100ml E-liquid

Jump into the land of pink with a blast of raspberries, combined with fizztastic lemonade...

Super Juice Rainbow Remix 100ml E-liquid

Glide over the r-r-rainbow and experience a combination of strawberry, apple, lemon, lime, orange an..

Super Juice Whammy Bar 100ml E-liquid

A sweet chew flavour teams electric raspberry with a fizzy sidekick, creating a flavour that’s out o..