Dinner Lady

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Salt E-Liquids

Dinner Lady Apple Sours Nic Salt 10ml

Apple Sours eliquid by Dinner Lady is a take on the popular beverage of the same name. A sweet and r..

Dinner Lady Berry Blast Nic Salt 10ml

Dinner Lady Fruits Berry Blast is a blast of cherries paired with a hint of raspberry. T..

Dinner Lady Blackberry Crumble Nic Salt 10ml

Dinner Lady Blackberry Crumble is sweet and warm British blackberries topped with a crispy and butte..

Dinner Lady Blue Menthol Nic Salt 10ml

Dinner Lady Blue Menthol is a fruity blend with a strong..


Dinner Lady Berry Tart 50ml Shortfill

Berry Tart is a much-loved part of Dinner Lady’s Desserts range which features e-liquid flavours t..

Dinner Lady Blackberry Crumble 50ml Shortfill

Blackberry Crumble is a much-loved part of Dinner Lady’s Desserts range which features e-liqu..

Dinner Lady Fruits Berry Blast 50ml Shortfill

Berry Blast e-liquid by Dinner Lady is a combination of berry fruits, ideal for those sweet tooth va..

Dinner Lady Fruits Melon Twist 50ml Shortfill

Melon Twist e-liquid by Dinner Lady is a tropical fruit blend featuring a combination of ripe-tastin..

Dinner Lady Fruits Pink Berry 50ml Shortfill

Pink Berry e-liquid by Dinner Lady is a fruit blend fused with a citrus twang. A selection of ripe..


Dinner Lady Fruits Tropical Fruits 50ml Shortfill

Tropical Fruits e-liquid by Dinner Lady is a tropical fruit medley containing a variety of flavour..

Buy Dinner Lady Wholesale Vape E Liquid and E Juice Flavors Online in UK

With vape juices coming out now and then, it takes great skill to make a name for yourself. This is precisely what the Dinner Lady manufacturers have.

The Dinner Lady E-Liquid comes from one of the enormous manufacturers in the vape market. The flavors available at E-Cigarette UK of the Dinner Lady e liquids include the Rice Pudding, Strawberry Custard, Cornflake Tart and Lemon Tart. The flavors are available in bundle packs which include three 10 ml bottles in three varying strengths of nicotine, which are 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg.

The PG to VG ratio on these flavors is a 30/70. A close eye on the PG to VG ratio will help you pick the right flavors as this is the component that decides the flavor to vapor ratio of the e-liquid. A high VG content means that the flavor will produce great clouds. On the other hand, great PG is an indication of rich, dense flavor, but might also mean some throat hit. The range of flavors by Dinner Lady is available at E-Cigarette UK at the best prices throughout the UK.

Why is Dinner Lady E Juice Most Recommended Vape Juice in UK?

The Dinner Lady E juices are one of the most sought-after juices in the market and for all the right reasons. The flavors have everything right, and it is nearly impossible to find anything wrong with any of them. Moreover, the excellent use of colors and the classic bottle designs give the flavors great appeal. On top of that, the great prices at E-Cigarette UK make them worth the recommendation.

Why do People Love to Use Dinner Lady Vape E-Liquid in UK?

The flavors of Dinner Lady are genuinely no less elegant than a lady. The flavors have a separate class of their own, and the manufacturers possess the skill as is evident from all the success they have amassed with all their series in the past. This success is a signal to their customers that they have put their trust in the right place.

Choose the Unique Flavors of Dinner Lady Vape E Juice in UK

The flavors of the Dinner Lady are genuinely unique. The taste combinations and the PG to VG ratio all add up so beautifully that picking just one is difficult. So, to help you choose your flavors of the dinner lady from http://www.ecigarettes-wholesale.uk, here is a short review of all four flavors:

  • Rice Pudding: The Rice Pudding is a combination of “sweet Rice Pudding along with notes of Raspberry Jam.” The liquid does not have a powerful aroma to it, but the flavor does have some stint of raspberry jam. The flavor of rice pudding is robust on the liquid, with strong punches of Raspberry Jam on the exhale. The flavor is very strong, yet it does not feel overpowering in any sense.

  • Strawberry Custard: The liquid has an overpowering strawberry smell on it that is as fresh as it gets. There is also some custard smell to it, but not very apparent. The flavor is very fresh and not at all artificial. It tastes natural and has the texture of a custard. The cloud production of the flavor is excellent, perhaps better than the 70/30 VG to PG ratio.

  • Cornflake Tart: The Cornflake Tart is a combination of strawberry jam, tart syrup and cornflake itself. The aroma has every ingredient present. The flavor has the perfect cornflake taste. In addition to that, the fabulous texture makes it feel like you are eating a Cornflake tart. The cloud production is great, but the flavor does have a little throat hit.

  • Lemon Tart: This flavor has everything from lemon to Meringue to the Pastry flavor. The smell is excellent with just the right lemon smell to it. The lemon is the original flavor of course, but it leaves room for the other flavors in the liquid. The vapor production is great, and the throat hit is zero.