5 Best Ways to Enjoy Vaping

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5 Best Ways to Enjoy Vaping

Vaping, which once started as a phenomenon (because apparently taking down cigarettes is a huge thing), is now becoming a trend, or perhaps has already become one. This journey of vapes from a phenomenon to trend has been a very smooth one. Why? Because vapes allow so much flexibility to their consumers, not only in terms of flavor and nicotine but also with regard to how you vape, that it becomes relatively impossible to get bored with vaping.

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Fun Vaping

There are several ways that vape manufacturers achieve this sort of flexibility. For one, they use strategies such as cloud sports whereby vapers will try fascinating stunts with the vapor that their vape produces. Another way to make vaping fun is the use of different decorative accessories on vape kits.

All this keeps vapers from giving up on their habit of vaping. That is why vaping is often considered a lifestyle instead of a mere habit. But, it is not just the manufacturers that make vaping fun, even vapers themselves, every now and then will come up with new ways to make it interesting for themselves.

Some of these most important vaping hacks that make vaping fun are:

1. Sub Ohm Vaping:

One of the most usual complains of vapers around the world has been the mediocre nicotine feel that vapes offer. To cater to this issue, the manufacturers have tried to innovate to produce alternatives such as nicotine salts and especially sub ohm vaping. Sub ohm vaping uses extremely low resistance to allow huge current to flow through. This current then produces not only huge vapor, but also provides great nicotine feel for vapers.

2. Gum and Vaping:

One of the most common and perhaps the cheapest ways to enjoy your vaping experience is to use bubblegum. If you vape while chewing gum, you can actually enjoy the flavor of the e-liquid and the gum all at once. This not only makes the experience more rewarding but gives you almost a real sense of tasting the flavor that you vape.

3. Try Experimenting With Flavor:

Flavors carry the actual essence of vaping. It is actually the flavors that allow you to change the nicotine content, the PG to VG ratio and the flavor itself to allow flexibility in your vaping experience. Therefore, e liquids are one of the most selling accessories in the vape world. Moreover, the constant innovation has actually made better and better technology available for vapers. So, when it comes fun with flavors, the prospect usually involves experimenting with several different flavors or maybe even mixing several flavors.

4. Tricks:

To give their vaping experience a little flair, vapers often learn different tricks with their vape clouds. They will then use these tricks to impress fellow vapers and even engage in face-offs with the winner taking some sort of a prize.

5. Coil Building:

Although several people might be frustrated when their coils burn out, coil building itself is an art of sorts. People often enjoy building coils and may even do it for other people.


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